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With award winning Germanic design and build quality, AEG understand that the kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of the home. Your kitchen appliances are essential tools that will be used for many years every day and so it is worth choosing a brand that will deliver you exceptional results in performance as well as looking stunning with its seamless design: hence perfect alignment in stainless steel and black glass is offered across the whole range.

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SousVide Cooking

Used by professional chefs all over the world, Sous Vide cooking is a fantastic way of combining food flavours without loosing out on vital nutrients and vitamins. The perfect addition to your kitchen if you liek cooking healthy and succulent meals.

Maxisense Hob Cooking

With conventional hobs,  you’re restricted to using pans that fit on your hob. Maxisense frees you from standard cooking circles or burners, allowing you to use the cooking surface the way your dishes demand. For ultimate responsiveness, the DirekTouch slide controls allow you to select the exact temperature, cooking level and timing with just one touch.

The Sandwich Hood

The new Sandwich hood from AEG brings quiet efficiency and elegant style to the kitchen.  The LED lighting ensures perfect visibility of the cooking area whilst providing pleasant ambient light to the room.

The state of the art electronic glass touch controls with LED display ensures quick, direct access is always at your fingertips. The Sandwich Hood has electronic 4 speed control including Intensive setting, and the perimeter extraction draws air from every angle for a fresh and healthier kitchen environment.

The ActiveHeat sensor automatically adjusts the fan speed so its always at the optimum level and a charcoal filter is included for use in recirculation mode if there is no access to an outside wall.

AEG X94484MV10 Vertical Screen Sandwich Hood

Extraction rate 748 M3/HR

LED Lighting

DirekTouch controls

60 Decibels

A energy rated

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