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We can't cancel out everyday life for you. But we can make it much easier for you – by offering you absolute peak performance. Bosch home appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and maximum reliability. We believe the perfect built-in appliance should be designed for one thing above all else: to make your time in the kitchen as pleasant as possible. So we developed the new Serie 8 range. Discover cutting-edge technology, timeless design, remarkable ease of use and less work in the kitchen. Making the new Serie 8 from Bosch, the easy way to perfect results.

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Serie 8 Control Oven

These cutting-edge ovens constantly monitor the progress of your cooking and automatically regulate temperature and length of time. The new intuitive control wheel and TFT-touch display makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn you can adjust any of your oven’s settings giving you full control over your dishes at all times with the perfect end result.

Serie 8 Steam Range

Steams so gently that even the vitamins stay for dinner.


There is no healthier or tastier way to prepare food than in a Serie 8 steamer. Foods retain their vitamins and aroma while bringing out their full and natural flavour. Vegetables stay crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender. With steam, you can even cook without adding oil or fat.


Serie 8 Dishwasher

Whichever way you turn it, now you can get more in it.

The innovative VarioFlex Pro basket system stacks up to a lot more packing options. Thanks to the red touchpoints and Rackmatic levers, you can instantly spot where the baskets adjust to fit the dishes you’re loading. That way, you get more dishes brilliantly clean in a single load.

There’s only one way to handle dirty dishes: turn up the pressure.

Even the dirtiest of dishes come up shining and perfectly dry thanks to the Super 60°C programme. The high-speed pump generates vigorous water pressure inside the machine to remove residual dirt for a spotless shine. One programme and you’re home and dry with the washing up.

The timer you can set your watch by.

The new high-resolution display set in the top panel offers helpful hints and additional info to let you get the most out of your machine. And it shows in real time how long the programme still has left to run. For brilliant dishwashing results that are always right on time.

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